"The highest to which man can attain is wonder", Goethe said. To us, this insight of Germany's famous poet means aspiration and urge at the same time. Our luxurious themes and the extraordinary atmosphere make your stay at SAVOY Hotel a unique experience.


Our rooms and suites are very special. They captivate you with their fascinating living experience and high-quality amenities.

Simplyfeel at home

Would you like to extend your stay? Then why don't you check out one of our exclusive full-service apartments in the Comfort, Superior and Penthouse Apartment categories? Simply feel at home!


Are you looking for a personal gift that comes straight from the heart? Use our SAVOY vouchers and give away magic moments for diverse occasions. Whether it's for friends and family, colleagues or business partners, surprise them with a relaxing short holiday, a pleasant wellness arrangement or an unforgettable evening at DIVAS bar. Our vouchers are available from 25€.