Übernachtung im Savoy in Köln – Das Hotel für Ihren Stadt-Urlaub

Green choice

The climate is arguably the most important issue when it comes to environmental protection. With the Paris Agreement, 195 countries unanimously committed to limiting global warming to well below 2° C compared to the pre-industrial global average temperature. We support this goal and are dedicated to reducing our CO2 emissions.

Energy efficiency

All our new building projects fulfil the highest energy efficiency standards. They are optimised for thermal protection and therefore particularly energy-saving. In addition, flow limiters and other technical devices minimise water consumption and contribute to greater sustainability, even in our spacious wellness area.


Almost 60% of our lighting has been converted to LED technology and is time and motion-controlled to prevent unnecessary power consumption.

Laundry room

We launder towelling in-house to avoid unnecessary traffic from rented linen. In addition, all our detergents and cleaning products are environmentally friendly.

Housekeeping service every 2 days

We also protect the environment by actively helping our guests to use towels and bed linen sparingly.

Waste prevention and recycling

Our first priority is to avoid waste. We refrain from the use of disposable packaging and coffee-to-go cups. For in-room care products, we have switched to Rituals products in dispensers. We promote sustainable implementation in terms of waste avoidance and recycling through regular employee training and continuous optimisation in cooperation with our suppliers. This sets a positive example for a sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

CO2 footprint

In recent years, we have already implemented wide-ranging climate protection measures. These include:

  • 100% green electricity and gas
  • Reducing transports
  • Extending the vegetarian and vegan options at the breakfast buffet
  • Sustainable mobility solutions for our employees
  • Travel policy favouring rail over air
  • Public transport subsidies and rental bikes

Our service partners are largely regional companies.

Our selection in the restaurant includes high-quality regional organic wines and seasonal food.

Our breakfast buffet is served on reusable tableware with cloth napkins, and we guarantee fresh products and fairtrade drinks.

Our roof greening and the planted inner courtyard help to improve the urban climate. We also support the local initiative "Autofreier Eigenstein" (car-free Eigenstein).

Our employees are eligible for a public transport ticket, the hotel is close to the railway station, and we rent out German-made bikes to our guests.

Our paper usage is responsible; we use only recycled paper and prioritise digital invoicing.

Our non-avoidable greenhouse gas emissions are offset as of 2019, and we support the climate protection project "Clean drinking water in Odisha, India".

Furthermore, we had our use of resources audited by the hotel industry's "Green Stay Initiative" in 2021.

SAVOY Hotel Köln entspricht den 5 Schritten des Klimaschutzes und ist ClimatePartner-zertifiziert